Havanese Diet

What is the best food for dogs? You would think that would be an easy answer. After much research and experimenting with my Havanese, I chose to feed my Havanese raw food. I am an all natural girl (for the most part) doing things the natural way when possible. That goes for my precious pups as well.Raw feeding is best for them. However, not everyone wants to feed raw. I recommend Farmina kibble. It is made in Italy with locally sourced food, high in protein, low on fillers or by-products or other unmentionables that I would not want to give to my fur babies. 

Here are some websites that I have found to be very helpful:




I use a Weston #8 Heavy-Duty Electric Meat Grinder. It was about $100 and works great (although the manufacturer's recommendation is to NOT use raw bones in it. I do, and I have not had any problems with this grinder for a year now.

My dogs LOVE raw. They are healthy and happy. That is enough for me!! 


Why I Love My Havanese

Top Ten Reasons Why I Love My Havanese

        1.      Affectionate
        2.      Playful
        3.      Good size
        4.      Gentle
        5.      Compliant
        6.      Unique
        7.      Healthy
        8.      Non-shedding
        9.      Calm
        10.     Versatile

Affectionate - Havanese love to love and be loved! They are lap dogs. They love to be pet without being obnoxious about it. Each one of my Havanese will find me throughout the day for a belly rub or ears scratched or a hug. I am happy to oblige. They are a bit wary of strangers, however they will seek out affection once they delegate a "stranger" to "friend".

Playful - Havanese are fun to watch play. They play with a myriad of toys that are strewn about. They play with each other. They create games such as keep away, tag and hide-and-pounce!

Good size - Havanese are between 7-14 pounds, so they are small but not fragile. They have a sturdy compact frame. They are true lap dogs (I know many dogs who THINK they are lap dogs, but who are not). They are easy to pick up and carry around. They are easy to bathe, groom, and scoop up. Havanese don't require a massive diet, and the you-know-what is very tiny and easy to clean up. Havanese fit easily into your vehicle, under the airplane seat in front of you, or even a small bag to carry around.

Gentle - Havanese are not aggressive. They get along well with children (although you have to keep an eye that kids aren't too rough), other dogs and pets, and each other. If one of my Havanese cries out, all the other ones will come to their rescue with kisses and concern.

Compliant - Havanese are easy to train and not stubborn. They want to please. Once they figure out the routine and what you want of them, they are happy to comply.

Unique - Havanese come in all sorts of colors and patterns. They constantly change throughout their lives. Their hair only grows between six to eight inches, so you don't have to have their hair cut if you don't want to. (Although if you choose to leave it "au naturale" you have to brush out their hair every other day and bathe them every two weeks).

Healthy - Havanese have very few health issues. With a good healthy diet and regular check-ups, we have had only an occasional ear infection.

Non-shedding - I LOVE the fact that Havanese have hair, not fur. This eliminates the allergies that many people have to other shedding type dogs. This also eliminates the need for constant vacuuming and cleaning up fur from floors, furniture and clothing!

Calm - Other than the barking frenzy that goes on every time someone walks through the front door, my Havanese are very calm. They are not nervous nor hyper nor in need of a lot of exercise.

Versatile - Havanese can live with a large family or single owner. They are happy to be active and traveling to fun activities or home bodies. Havanese can live on a 200 acre farm or with a city dweller.