Siena’s new litter born April 2nd: five healthy puppies of four girls and one boy. We named them Mercedes, Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley. All have homes waiting for them. Please contact DaySpring if you would like to be considered for a future litter!


Toscana X London’s Christmas litter:


Chamonix X London had four pups born New Year’s Eve. They are named after London’s Royal Parks: St James, Kensington, Hyde and Regent


puppies from previous litters:

Prada is going to Milford            Puccini is headed to NYC            Sydney will be in Flemington

Luke Board Walker Jersey Shore       KiKi Bucks County                    Geneve at DaySpring                Hudson to Virginia

Siena X Carmel December 1, 2017


Chamonix X Carmel December 2, 2017



hobbits day 36.jpg
sam, frodo, pippin, merry 10 days old

sam, frodo, pippin, merry 10 days old

Chamonix x CARMEL'S litter is pictured below. Each of them has a wonderful forever home awaiting their arrival! Congratulations and best wishes to our new Havanese homes!

Bruges au natural

Bruges au natural


It all started when...

We decided my Cavapoo needed a furry playmate. She and I are so attached, we thought it would be good for both of us! So I researched breeds and settled on a breed that we had never heard before: Havanese. Little did we realize how that one Havanese would change our lives forever!

So we brought Bruges home....and soon after decided that one was not enough! Since I did not know at the time that I was going to be a Havanese breeder, I chose Bruges for his availability and adorable good looks! Next came Chamonix. Her grandfather is the #1 Havanese in America for 2010 and 2015. The rest is history........! I have chosen the best Havanese to bring to you the best companions. Never hesitate to contact me!