We do not have any available puppies at this time. We do have retired Havanese available, please email me if you have a loving home available.

Geneve’s first litter: three girls, two chocolates and a black and white. All have homes waiting for them!

safe and secure

safe and secure

Chamonix’s sweet litter: three girls and a boy. Boy is red and white dilute, two girls are black and red brindle, one red and white girl. All have homes waiting.


Toscana X London’s Christmas litter:


Chamonix X London had four pups born New Year’s Eve. They are named after London’s Royal Parks: St James, Kensington, Hyde and Regent


puppies from previous litters:

Prada is going to Milford            Puccini is headed to NYC            Sydney will be in Flemington

Luke Board Walker Jersey Shore       KiKi Bucks County                    Geneve at DaySpring                Hudson to Virginia

Siena X Carmel December 1, 2017


Chamonix X Carmel December 2, 2017



hobbits day 36.jpg
sam, frodo, pippin, merry 10 days old

sam, frodo, pippin, merry 10 days old

Chamonix x CARMEL'S litter is pictured below. Each of them has a wonderful forever home awaiting their arrival! Congratulations and best wishes to our new Havanese homes!

Bruges au natural

Bruges au natural


It all started when...

We decided my Cavapoo needed a furry playmate. She and I are so attached, we thought it would be good for both of us! So I researched breeds and settled on a breed that we had never heard before: Havanese. Little did we realize how that one Havanese would change our lives forever!

So we brought Bruges home....and soon after decided that one was not enough! Since I did not know at the time that I was going to be a Havanese breeder, I chose Bruges for his availability and adorable good looks! Next came Chamonix. Her grandfather is the #1 Havanese in America for 2010 and 2015. The rest is history........! I have chosen the best Havanese to bring to you the best companions. Never hesitate to contact me!