Havanese Diet

What is the best food for dogs? You would think that would be an easy answer. After much research and experimenting with my Havanese, I chose to feed my Havanese raw food. I am an all natural girl (for the most part) doing things the natural way when possible. That goes for my precious pups as well.Raw feeding is best for them. However, not everyone wants to feed raw. I recommend Farmina kibble. It is made in Italy with locally sourced food, high in protein, low on fillers or by-products or other unmentionables that I would not want to give to my fur babies. 

Here are some websites that I have found to be very helpful:




I use a Weston #8 Heavy-Duty Electric Meat Grinder. It was about $100 and works great (although the manufacturer's recommendation is to NOT use raw bones in it. I do, and I have not had any problems with this grinder for a year now.

My dogs LOVE raw. They are healthy and happy. That is enough for me!!